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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, April 19, 2010 in
Mom had a great time visiting with Kiddy and her mom yesterday.

Kiddy getting off the bed to check out what Mom had brought out.

A package from us!


Colorful mousies!


Kiddy getting ready for Tummy, Toesies and Tail Tuesday pictures.

She's a natural!

Now she's just showing off and being silly for the flashy box.

Nice long stretch for the full tummy affect.

All worn out from the excitement.

Believe it or not, Kiddy's eyes are green.

Mom had such a great time. She and Kiddy's mom, Miss Marlene, ate lunch before she went to see Kiddy and they just talked and talked and talked. It was so wonderful meeting them after all this time. Thank you for having her out. Now we want Miss Marlene to come visit us so she can see us in action.

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