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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 in
These little guys are 8 weeks old. The lady is Debbie, cousin Gizmo's foster mom. They were born in her house and this day she was leaving them at the shelter as they were ready for adoption.

This cute little tuxedo walked over to Mom and let her pick him up. He was purring up a storm.

Mom held true to her promise and did not bring him home with her as much as she wanted to.

This is Misty, the Mom of the kittens. She's still a kitten herself. She was about 9 months old when she had them. Mom was gushing over her telling what beautiful babies she gave birth to. She was soaking it up!

This is Smokey. He's 13 years old and diabetic.

He has this room all to himself. Mom sponsored him for a few years so it was so nice she got to meet him in person. Very friendly guy!

Another very young, beautiful Mom with her 4 week old babies.

Another darling tuxie.

Mom and our auntie just stood there squeeing like fools. We must admit they were very squee worthy!

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