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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, June 11, 2010 in
Remember our friend Angel who lived with us for a year? Mom found this picture of us that was never posted. We miss our good buddy!

And these are the friends that kept Mom from helping us blog yesterday. These guys are the 2010 Stanley Cup winners, our own CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS!!! Mom was scaring us so much while watching the games with all her screaming that we are just glad it's all over! She has loved them since the first game she went to back in the early 1970's when she got in with SRO tickets and stood for the whole game in the very upper deck of the stadium. We are very happy (to say the least) finally one of the five Chicago professional sports teams brought a championship to us! In a few hours there is a huge parade for them but she's going to abandon us to watch it with her sister on her gazillion inch TV.

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