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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, July 8, 2010 in

Take a look.....

Hey there....so here is a quick photo taken from the car on my way out...okay...so I need a better one...but at least you get the idea. Then there is a shot of our crazy but functional deck....and hey we have never ever had a deck before...ever....
So picture it more modern looking and picture the house a medium grey...with I think white trim? Picture all the kids toys put away...picture a privacy fence to block out the neighbors (who it just so happens are very nice :)) Also in the front picture some cool cement circles that will make up the walk way and I mean big and small and medium...taking up a lot of the grass area...we are now on 1/2 an acre so we don't need grass out front.
Okay now picture this taking a great deal of time and picture how happy we will be to work on our very own house...our home...omg I just love it.
Hope everyone is surviving the heat wave and thanks to all of you that stop by my little blog...I promise this time I really am back :)
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