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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, July 19, 2010 in

We need one of these for hubby's albums...vintage off of craig's list

Love this floor exactly how it is...want it

would be cool somewhere in our place by fermliving

totally WANT

Love these and want to paint it white

Someday a couch like this for basement...something like it if not the same one...from IKEA

So...the house is coming along...working working working.
Going to strip, buff, wax and polish the floors in the basement this weekend....then the painting will begin and boy is there a lot to paint.
Thinking about doing Grey/white/green in the family room....
downstairs bath...maybe a white with a faint tint?
Sewing room...omg I found a great greenish grey...very light and then the rest white?
Shop...white...stairwell grey...
omg how fun...
I will try and be better about before and after photos....:)
I also promise that sooooooooon my Etsy shop will get some new items and Natalie if you are still keeping tabs on me I am going to email you soooon and begin your special requests...also need to redo a trade that I sent to the WRONG address....sorry Jennifer :)
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