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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, July 9, 2010 in

Soren smile....hids under his B.

26 months and counting.....

Hey everyone...it's Soren...me two. Me two. I am. I like Mama...I like sissy...I like Dada...I like Dodo (aka Gucci), I like Meme, I like Kat, I like Eleanor, I like Darcey, I like Hazel, I like Leo, I like Ruby, I like Maddy, I like Susan, MR P (Memphis' 2nd grade teacher)...you get the idea. He LOVES to tell us what he likes.
Me big kid. Me walk. Me want truck. Mama car. aaacha (means all done) Oh oh...all wet.
Super Boo...(his super persona) Me play cars...me play Sissy.
He loves trucks and he loves to scream FIRE TRUCK!!! He loves his B's. (blankets) He loves people and says hello to everyone we meet. He loves to say thank you and Sorry Mama...me too. He still takes a two hour nap and needs it. He is always on the go. Going up stairs by himself while I have a mini heart attack running after him. We went to the Point Defiance Zoo this week with good friends and there is a small aquarium and he threw Memphis' binoculars in the tank...they fished them out for us but... he is a mad man. He loves life and is almost always happy...except when he's not. Lucky for us he mostly is. He has a great sense of humor and he loves to make people laugh.
He now says...'Me funny. Make joke...and if you make a joke he does not like he will let you know...not funny joke Mama. He keeps us all on our toes and I can hardly remember what life was like without this amazing little man. We love you Soren...I lub you too Mama.
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