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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, July 10, 2010 in
Just started watching this last night and of course stayed up WAAAAAY too late watching more and more and more and more.
So good and so weird.....and I was feeling really good yesterday until we started watching it and I was all of a sudden doubting myself. Doubting my mothering skills and doubting the person I am. Not sure what you all are like but I am a person who constantly has to push myself out of my box. My box of comfort and it's hard. I have a hard time with social things. It never looks like I do but trust me I do. I prefer to nest...stay inside my house or yard and rest or get things done. I love to do house projects. I also love to shop for something specific. The thrill of the hunt...nothing better. But..... When you have kids you have to get together with parents to make play dates for your kids. Sometimes there are kids in your neighborhood that you can just let the kids go out and play with but where we lived that was not the case. Not sure about here yet but seems way more likely. So the play dates require that you contact the kids mother...usually and make a date to get together. Usually at your house our theirs. I know most of you know all this already but I don't assume everyone is a parent. So...for those of us with social difficulties this can be super hard. I am so proud of myself for stepping outside of my box so much these last few weeks. I have had tons of people over to our new house and trust me that's BIG. I actually have really enjoyed it....but it has also wiped me out. Don't know if any of you can relate but I hope so. I have so many boxes in my head that are hard to step out of and I have no idea how they all got there.
So...tonight I am raising my beer (Session) to all of you that have stepped outside of one of your boxes. Who knows maybe you only have one you lucky person. I on the other hand have many, many, many boxes to step out of.
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