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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 in
We are letting our cousins, Sushimi and Lady, have the Tummy and Toesies Tuesday post today since Mom is now finally home from staying with them for four days.

Sushimi has the white tummy and toesies like we have. Right away we know she is A-okay in our books! Mom says she loves her tummy rubbed and will act like a roly poly bug when you do. She looks like our kind of girl!

Everyone thinks Lady thinks Mom is her mom because their hair/fur is the same color. Her golden tummy also loves to be rubbed and immediately rolls over on her back for you with all of her toesies up in the air loving every minute of it. We never met a woofie before but know in time we'd be the boss over her just like Sushimi is.

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