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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, October 5, 2006 in

Right now Memphis is taking ballet/tap and it is just the sweetest thing ever. She gets soooo excited to go to her once a week class. She says 'Ma why isn't it every day?' I adore getting her ready and watching the class from the lobby area. The class is only an hour and it's all the way across town from us. The teachers are really friendly and great with kids. There are about 13 or so little girls in her class and they are all so cute. She will be doing what the teacher says and all of a sudden a giant and I mean giant smile will completely take over her entire face. Every square inch of her little body is just radiating happiness....
When we get home these days she puts on one of her tiaras, her wings and grabs her pinwheel magic wand that gets it's magic powers from an ikea lamp we have. She then asks me if I can see the magic dust that comes from her wand??
She has also informed me she wants to be Memphis the Superhero for Halloween. I think that is awesome!! Who knew I would love being a Ma this much???? Even if I do loose my mind all the time...... The cool superhero is George from SereneOnion on Etsy...the hippo is from Bloodybunny Long live Etsy!!!
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