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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 in

Decorations by Hubby and daughter. It has been a balloon frenzy
around here today.

Socks...just needed some.

Frames from Ma ma... yes I heart Ashley Goldberg and
of course I heart her work as well. There is also a cool
crayon drawing by my daughter and there is a really great
piece from foundbirdstudio
and one from monstertown
one from suspectshoppe
and one from shuusei.
There are 10 frames in all. I still need to get
the 10th one. They were outof it at Ikea.

Lillies from Dad...smell wonderful

Clogs from hubby...these days I live in Danskos

Roses from Brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. What a
wonderful surprise!!

Cake made by Hubby Decorated by Daughter.
There is only one cake on the earth and that is
angel food.
So...I was sick for the first time in I don't know when on my B-day.
That is a huge bummer for me...I heart my B-day. It still rocked the house
but just in a mellow way which I actually liked but nobody should be
sick on their B-Day. Anywho....December 12th rocks da house and I was
in it most of the day. xoxoxoxo Oh...I almost forgot. Thanks to all of you that
sent me some love. Every year on my B-day I send out a mass email
announcing it is in fact my B-day...what can I say I really heart my B-day.
Thanks everyone for the lovexoxoxo

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