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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, December 10, 2006 in

We went to Jason's big Holiday Work Party...once again at the Sheraton. It was great fun. Hunted for something to wear...decided I was not in love with very much out there...finally found it and was very pleased. What is the deal with all the peasant tops????? I mean they are gorgeous on the hanger but on me...they just don't work out. It's funny that when you have the money it's a lot harder to find something you love. I did get a bunch of new socks and threw out a bunch of my old tired ones. That was very satisfying. We also went to return our overdue books and get new ones. It's no biggie..they don't charge overdue fees for kids books. Oh and we washed and vacuumed our car. It is soooo nice to be in a clean car. I bought this stuff you sprinkle on your rugs. It is
Eucalyptus and is made by Esteban. Wow...our cars smells wonderful now. Right now I am behind on orders and trying to catch up...so back to sewing I go. Just wanted to say Happy Holidays.... oh...it's my birthday Tuesday...12.12. Happy early birthday to me. I told my husband last year I have never had a surprise party...hint, hint...well it doesn't look like it's going to happen this year either...oh well. Another year of life is a huge present in itself.
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