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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, December 4, 2006 in

Hey it's Look What I Can Do!!!!

Andrea and Darcey in da booth

My husband Jason sooooooo stole the show. He was closing the deals
realing them in and charming the cash right out of their pockets. He was
a Indie Craft superstar. He handed out all these candy canes with my
website that Darcey made and when he ran out he went to QFC and made
more with the extra tags Darcey brought!!! He had a blast and
I loved every minute of it.

My Husband built the booth grid but we thought it out together. The grid Made the
booth and as usual Jason's rocks the house.
We had some green paint left
over from our bedroom wall and I LOVE green. My friend Darcey made the
cool puff ball Love=Creatures sign and lots of other great signs. She also worked with
me the first day and we had a lot of fun. We are both stay at home
Ma's so it was nice to get out. She has 3 kids so even nicer for her. She's the best!

Nothing says craft fair like DumDums

Bunnies were flying out of da booth

One of my closest friends Andrea comes for a visit and to
love on some Creatures
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