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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, November 30, 2006 in

These are the 3 Octopus I sent to Austin Texas...a little shop called Creatures Boutique.
I am still sewing and sewing up a storm and had a little break last night. My friend Andrea came over and cut my hair. She has mad hair skills and it was super, duper wonderful to see her. She is one of the most amazing friends I have ever had and I just adore her. The rain has started and the snow is melting....Memphis woke up and was sooooooooo bummed. Jason woke her up last night to show her the snow...well she wasn't exactly asleep yet, I was keeping the fact it was snowing from her because she already wasn't sleeping. Anywho when she woke up she almost cried. She's over it now but it's such a drag when she is bummed. Must keep sewing...happy Thursday.
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