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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, January 12, 2007 in
Pam the Owl Love=Creature in my shop
This is Sasha in my shop Fabric given to me by Lisa A Bird in the Hand
Gift for a friend...
Wolfram the Robin Love=Creature in my shop
Leidseplein the Bunny Rabbit Love Creature in my shop

Finally....I have posted some new Love=Creatures in my Etsy shop and have begun work on a new Supermaggie Order. So I am BUSY!!! Some of these I have had finished or half finished for awhile but just didn't post them in my shop. Takes time to come up with all those names and descriptions...but it's fun. So...here they are hope you like them.
I feel like I have dropped of the face of the earth this week. Have been home now for 2 days without driving anywhere. We take our dog walks but that's been about it. Too much ice and really what's the point of risking it? So tomorrow I will get out and see the world or at least target. I have been reading sooooo many blogs lately and have found Shiney Squirrel, Ann Wood, Curious Bird, Bloesem and Oh Joy! So now I will be reading about 2o or 30 a day....phew. I don't read them all everyday. I need to update my links section badly but it is complicated and Jason has to help me. So it will happen in due time. Not much progress on the becoming a Buddhist but still on my mind. I will also post some swaps I have done very soon and some of more of my plush colletion.
Happy Weekending. xoxo
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