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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, January 4, 2007 in

So far so good...this year is starting off on the right foot. All of us are feeling better after our marathon colds. I am getting my creative energy back and I have been an earlier riser a little more. Memphis asked for a helicopter she could put people in from Santa and she got this one. She loves that it is a news reporter. She also got a rescue Helicopter from her Aunt and Uncle and she loves that one too.

I am feeling a bit sluggish today. Having troubles with my digestive system. Nothing new. I really MUST go to a natropathe this year. I have loads of trouble with many things. Dairy, sugars, starch, and well all the things that have those things in them. I really have to do most things in moderation. Not always easy. So...I guess it's high time I had some help. I am very stubborn and try to do most things myself. I come from a strong midwestern background and it's hard to ask for help. At least that's how my family operates.
I don't think anyone in our family/extended family has ever been in therapy. Weird I know but that's how it goes in our gene pool. Very independent and full of pride. Anywho...lots to do...busy day. Hope it's full of fun and I am going to savor every minute I can. Happy Thursday!!!!
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