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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, January 28, 2007 in

So...the vet called us back today with not so good news about Churchie. He may have cancer, Lukemia not the feline kind to be exact or he may just be getting too old(he is 17 years old) His organs are all fine, his blood work was fine and oddly enough his insulin levels are fine. He has lost sooooooooo much weight and he is losing muscle so quickly. He is having trouble with his back legs, is doing really weird things, (we think because he is in pain) does not like being petted much and we have decided it is time. So sometime this week will be his last day with us and I can not stop crying. I know he has had a rich and full life but it just kills me to have to do this. We did not decide this lightly if he goes on cancer drugs they may or may not help, they may even hurt him. If he gets his muscle mass back and is fine for awhile the vet said it will happen again. So...we can't let him suffer any longer and it is also very hard to watch. He was always and still is such a strong cat. I am not posting a photo of him because he is so thin it will break your hearts. So this will be a very long and hard week and I am just so bummed out. We will always love you Churchie and you are the best cat in the entire world....xoxo
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