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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, January 29, 2007 in

We adopted Churchie in 1990 he was 7 months old and abandoned. He actually belonged to this couple that were housemates of a friend's boyfriend. They asked him to watch their cats while they moved and they never came back for them. So he asked Jason if he wanted to adopt him and Jason instantly fell in love with him. He was tough, ornery and he wanted to play and was not shy at all about letting Jason know. He moved in with Jason and was not happy so Jason brought him over to my place and he instantly loved it. My roomie Karen had a cat too and I think he liked her. Her name was Satori and she was part Siamese and boy was she the boss. Churchie liked how strong she was and started teasing her right away. He used to love to plop down right in front of Karen & Satori's room and block the entire doorway making Satori very irritated. He also hid her cat toys and in general just liked to bug her. Then we moved to where we are now and he immediately established himself as king of the hood. He got into soooo many fights back then. We considered making him an indoor cat but he was not going to have anything to do with that. So after a few days of Churchie meowing and trying to wreck our home we gave in and he was very, very grateful. He was soooo strong, independant and handsome....Boy was he handsome!!!! His fur was sooo thick and shiny and bluish gray and in his hay day he weighed 2o pounds...all muscle. He loved to chase pinecones on the lawn and loved his cat nip toys. He turned me into a cat person and there will never, ever be a sweeter more loving cat in the whole entire world. When we got Gucci he was so patient and only got him with his claws 2 times. Once Gucci bit his tail when it was hanging down from a chair. Church jumped in the air turned and when he landed he swiped Gucc with his claws...just once. When we had Memphis he was not at all thrilled but in time grew to love her. I can't begin to imaine our life without him and today has been a very, very,very sad day. Jason is gone right now at the vet and we stayed home all day today and just hung out with him. I know that we were all very lucky to have him in our lives and if will take a long time to adjust but he was 17 years old and still fighting... he just didn't have it in him anymore and it was so awful to see him suffering. I know he will always watch over us and we will feel him in our lives forever. We love you Churchie Lurchie and it hurts so very much now that you are gone. xoxoxo
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