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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, February 4, 2007 in

Ever feel like your life is passing you by or you are waiting for it to start? I often feel one or the other and have the hardest time living in the moment. In the spirit of our beloved Churchie cat I am trying to live in the moment more. So in the spirit of living in the moment I am making this late night posting. I sell my plush on Etsy and would like to share some of my favorite shops....
Sudlow...jewelry by Rachel Sudlow
ArtandGhosts...super cool art!!!
Raplapla...cool plush!!!
whileshenaps...awesome plush and art
karkovski...gorgeous art
poniesandsugarcookies...great kid stuff and art
nottoopink...cool art!!
mpatrizio's shop...super cool art and plush
craftpaca...super cool person and shop
ashleyg's shop...of course....
That's it for now I have many more favorite Etsy shops to share but for now...sleep tight....
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