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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, February 2, 2007 in

I was lost in Blog land again when I came across hopingforhappyaccidents and found a link to this site showhome.
All the above photos came from showhome. I only wish I could afford one of them. Just sharing things that inspire me and cause me to smile. Of course out in Flickr land I also found a few more...
like this one Man I wish they were on my windowsill Lisa has amazing taste
and this one I adore the work of Melinda Josie
and this one I love playground photos
and this snowy photo
these birds are sooo cool
trees are my friends
reminds me of my Churchie
a little retail therapy never hurt anyone..bought this
adore Cindy Jaswal's work this is gorg
Feeling a bit like this right now
Hope this weekend brings some joys, gives some feeling of satisfaction and time is suspended making it last as long as possible. xo
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