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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, February 18, 2007 in
Sweet Pea SOLD
Pete the Rhino
Tutti the Elephant
Posey the Elephant SOLD
Rutger the Rhino SOLD
Wow!!!! Look at me go...2 posts in one day!! I just was lost in blog land and I checked to see if the order I sent to Orange Button was posted yet and it is!!!!! So...if you like anything go check it out. I am super excited!!! I will have another post tomorrow and am sewing like mad to fill my shop. This week I also plan to go to Schmancy to put some Love=Creatures in there. I have wanted to for awhile now so I am also excited about that. I had some of my Love=Creatures in there before and I love that store and Kristen is amazing! So far this looks like it's going to be a super week. xoxo
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