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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, March 25, 2007 in
Look How cute my bunnies look in print!!!!!
Click on the photo to read the write up :)
Don't forget to VOTE FOR VISAYA!!!

My bunnies are in the April issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine!!!!!!!
They are on page 49 in the Spree section!!! I absolutely LOVE the photo and I adore what they wrote about me and my Love=Creatures!! I am soooo thankful and excited. It's even a Best Places to Live Issue which is really BIG!! Thanks sooooo much Laura!!! I really appreciate it...and thanks also to Alvin. It looks AMAZING!!!!!!! I am also reminding everyone to VOTE FOR VISAYA IN THE SOFTIE AWARDS....VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY MARCH 30TH!! A BIG THANK-YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE VOTED FOR VISAYA!!! HE REALLY TRULY APPRECIATES YOUR SUPPORT AND SO DO I. It's my Hubby's b-day today so I gotta run. Lots 'o celebrating to do. We went out to dinner last night and it was very nice. Hubby also got a new pair of shoes!!! Finally!! He's super duper picky. Anywho...happy weekending...xoxo
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