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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, April 1, 2007 in

Happy Weekending!!!! So the April issue of 'Seattle Metropolitan' Mag is on the stands.....I am sossososo thrilled with it!! I also did an interview for 'Plush You' Kristen's blog for Schmancy! She is sosososo nice to me!!! I just LOVE what she wrote about me...it really made my week!
It's actually still up and you should check it out if you have not already!!! :) This weekend has been busy so far. Our friends Kim and Robby came for a visit. They live in Portland now and it was sooo wonderful to see them. Robby had me laughing past midnight...he introduced me to the 'Pegacorn'. I didn't believe him at first but he told me to check it out on the 'Interweb' and there it was...I guess I must have been absent at school the day they taught us about this mystical creature!! Kim is a school counselr and is on spring break, so she was here already and spent the afternoon with Memphis and I. We went on errands, walked the dog, had lunch and went to the park. Memphis was sooooo excited and Kim was amazing. She ran all over the park with Memphis. I think we wore her out because for the first time that I can remember Kim dozed off before Robby!!! The next day we all woke up and Memphis was thrilled they were still here....she dressed them up and was very sad when they had to go. After they left I discovered I felt like crap. Sore throat, head throbbing, dizzy. So I took some cold medicine and made fast friends with our couch...allllll day. Today I feel better...so far...and that's super because I have LOADS to do. With Easter fast approaching I must make a last ditch effort to make even MORE bunnies!!!! Anywho...I have been running myself ragged so I should try and slow down...but I will leave you with some new Flickr favs and I must say I LOVED Meg's school photo posting!!:)
I think I will post some class photos myself soon....sooo funny!!

This is an amazing portrait by M. Patrizio
Shoulda woulda coulda...didn't buy it :(
GORGEOUS LIGHT!!!Great shot Shara!
Love this Self portrait of Rosa!
Sooooo pretty....just brilliant!!
Just LOVE this photo...soooo Spring!!
I really, really want one of these....
Such a funny shot...love it.
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