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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, March 3, 2007 in
Vera the Jack Rabbit
Oskar the Robin
Mildred the Owl
Otto the Jack Rabbit

I just dropped off a few(6 to be exact) Love=Creatures at Schmancy!
It was so very nice to see Kristen. She is such a wonderful person and I hope it is mutual but I always feel like I could chat with her forever...well for a long time anyway. If it's not mutual she's even nicer than I thought she was :)! The store looks great and so does she. I then went into Nancy which was really great. Kate was super fun to chat with and I liked her a lot. Lots of really cool items that were super afforable and unique. (yep that's my owl on the link to the article about Nancy...isn't that cool?)
Then I went to Daiso in Westlake Center where everything is $1.50 and it was amazing. I heart Daiso!!I got some storage containers and some cute little stuff for my daughter. A mini toaster, mini display cases, mini chest of drawers for her jewelry, a fan and some cool stuff for her Easter Basket. I abosolutely loved it. So I had a mini break. Feeling better but not out of the woods yet. Anywho...happy weekending to all...here are a few more of my flickr favs.....

Meg's teapot
This new painting by Lisa Congdon
This photo
This photo
This adorable ChiChiHua (that's how I say it)
This Blythe Doll
and this Donkey I would LOOOVE to have xoxo

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