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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, April 5, 2007 in

Hey there, ho there!!! This week has been hard. We have that awful sinus cold. First M got it then me now hubby and I of course still have the sinus pain and pressure, most likely allergies. So it's been tough to get much done. We have had lots of outtings though and I thought I would share a few pics from them....and what would a post be without a few bunnies??!! More to come. Have a super duper Thursday. Oh...and what about the upset on Top Design!!! I really like Carisa's taste and style but she does do the same thing if you ask me and I don't really care for her. I hope Matt wins. I will leave you with a couple Flickr favs....
This touches my heart....
I wish I was there Meg...this photo is gorgeous!!!
I actually adore this outfit!!
I heart Wawaya
I need one of these...I love this one!
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