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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, April 2, 2007 in
Oh the agony of defeat!!! Visaya had a blast at all the red carpet affairs and oooohhh the after parties....That's the life!!! He had all the cavier, salmon and gourmet seafood he could get his tusks on. He was the life of the party that's for sure and oh the friends he made!! Manny and Visaya almost got thrown out of Wolfgang's party. They got a bit carried away with the oyster shooters. Factory girl is quite the dancer and really knows how to rip it up!! Potato the squirrel kept stealing things all night and hiding them including fried egg mirror , Octopus Handbag and Kitty bank! Tamo the Robot showed Visaya how to do the robot. Those snowman kept bumping into everyone. Louis Auguste thought he stole the show! Fuzzy Bear totem kept pretending he was a statue and was almost awarded to Bird #4! Hana's Bunny just kept searching for Hana. Penelton Panda goobled up all the honey roasted almonds and dozed off right in the middle of the awards. Bernard was pin free and ready to party! Typewriter took notes all night long. Gaient Bot kept hitting his head on the ceiling all night long!! Rob stood around looking adorable and Humphrey...Flower...Harriet...Grundig...and Brink kept trying to scare everyone until Harriet won and then she was the most charming monster you have ever seen!!
Manolipo and Medusa kept stealing everyones food and clapping very loudly! Crocheted Sakura was the big hit of the red carpet with her natural beauty!! Gertrude kept hiding under the tables. Payaso kept asking where the gift bags were. Whale really hit it off with Visaya and they are going fishing next week. Mr. Owl just watched the whole thing from his house and refused to leave it. Pancake, Burger and fries, Mr. and Mrs. Biscuit, Toasty Marshmallos and popcorn were tragically eaten up by mistake. Snail hat showed up wearing Leah Wig...that was funny. Racoon got bored and started bowling Safari style. Bird and Valentine Chicken HOOKED up! Raymond threw himself at Lenny trying desparately to knock out some of his competition. Paperbag Writer didn't show up...his joy is in the work! Limp and lump were watched closely by security all night and were forced to hand over their weapons. Halloween bears refused to sit by Squirrel because he brought all his pins with him. Pin cushions and Panda became fast friends. Head and Hat got into an ugly fight with Magneton..but they worked it out. Bigtummie couldn't stop laughing the whole night so Ipod Cozy, Coffee Plunger cozy, Tea cozy, Sewing Machine cozy and i-bunni cozy took turns covering her up. Whimsy Crooked house drank so much she straighted up! Old man kept hitting on Toybox. Pear and Tea Cup got wasted and it was ugly! Ornaments rocked the house when they performed 'Bringing Sexy Back' and Valentime Lammy kept hugging everybody....but the biggest scandal by far was Bunny Bunka's lack of underwear!!! It was the best of times and Visaya will walk away with many great memories and an Oyster shooter hangover!! Once again congratulations to all the winners !!! It was fun and hey...there's always next year right!@#$&*?!! Just kidding :) It was an honor just to be nominated!!! Seriously...it was....really... Hey Manny....you're 'off da hook'!!!
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