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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, April 22, 2007 in

We love mother earth and this is going to be a fabulous day!!!! I also want to give a heart felt thanks to those of you that responded to my last post. It means a lot to me that others out there have shared the same feelings and understand. It also means a lot that some of you don't have the same situation but still send words of wisdom, kind words and really that you care enough to comment. I truly appreciate it and I promise to work on my view of the world. I need to truly and deeply understand that my little family is very, very valuable to the the rest of the world and that we make a difference even if at times I feel our voices are not always heard. Anywho...HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!xo We will be planting tomatoes, flowers and buying low VOC paint for my Monolith craft cabinet!! I think caring for our environment is one of the biggest things we can ever do in our entire lives. If everyone tried to live as green as possible it would be a much better planet and it really wouldn't be that difficult to do. Here's a few things to check out if you haven't yet.
Paws Help animals
The Nature Conservancy
Help the earth
Buy organic, drive less, don't litter, unplug and turn off, buy energy efficent lightbulbs, recycle, reuse and do your best to live a green life!!! xoxox
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