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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, May 7, 2007 in
Martha the Floppy Bunny
Lucci the Floppy Bunny
Purpureo the Floppy Bunny
Giallo The Floppy Bunny
Giallo & Purpureo the Floppy BFF's!!
Giallo the Floppy Bunny
Martha the Floppy Bunny
Lucci the Floppy Bunny
Lucci again

So....I was going to have a shop update on Saturday...never happened. So these little guys up above will be going in my shop sometime this evening. I had to finish my whsl order and time just got away from me again!!! Today was absolutely gorgeous outside...a bit warmer than my wardrobe allows at this moment. Yep...I need some warm weather garb. Time to go shopping...ack!I have loads more to share...but it will have to wait until tomorrow!!! Make sure to check out the ADORABLE photo on Meg's blog today!!! Love it!!!
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