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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, May 10, 2007 in
Can't get enough of it....
Piece of gorgeous vintage fabric that she also sent with the painting!!!!

Stephanie DosReis is a goddess...an angel...one of the nicest people there is. She actually remembered that I loved the above painting 'neighborhood' and when she found it...ever soooo slightly damaged in her studio she asked me if I wanted it???? I was like....YES!!! I just could not believe it and when it arrived in the mail this last Saturday I almost fell over backwards! We kept holding it in all these different places..(not like there's a million in our small place) and Memphis just LOVED it so much we decided to honor our little artist with this GORGEOUS!!! AMAZING!!!! PIECE!!! When I showed it to her in the living room she said..'Ma the colors would go better in my room'. When I showed it to her in the hall...she said 'Ma that's too high up' so finally I got the hint and now it has a place in our home where it can be loved the absolute, possibly most it can be loved...right along with our gorgeous girl. We spend countless hours in her room and it does look stunning. So I am sending a giant, enormous hug to you Stephanie!!! Don't be surprised when a really fun and amazing package comes your way this summer. Also good luck at SURTEX and if you happen to see Julia Rotham please say hello to her for me. You are going to do soooo great there. I seriously can't stop thinking about how wonderful it was of you to send 'neighborhood' to our humble home.xoxoxo
You can check out Stephanie's work here...here...and here!!!!
Did I mention along with 'neighborhood' she also sent me a piece of gorgeous vintage fabric????
I mean can you breathe right now??? I couldn't when I saw it!! Once again I was over come with joy and weak in the knees.

Thought I would also give you another look at two more owls that
are making their way to www.shoporangebutton.com!!!
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