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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, May 12, 2007 in

A yardsaling we will go... a yardsaling we will go... hi-ho the dario a yardsaling we will go....
we all got up early (not our usual on Saturdays) and headed to the 3rd annual West Seattle Yardsale extravaganza!!!!!!! Those killer mugs up yonder were 25 cents each...mint!!! The rather used pattern I still love was 10 cents. The cool vintage mint condition...does not smell dollie... was $1.00. Vintage Fisher Price Schoolhouse was $1.00 same with the Helicopter. Birdie dishtowel was 25 cents. Cool slippers for our dear girl were a mere 25 cents. Panisonic handheld radio my hubby just had to have was $1.00. I also got some wool fabric for $2.00 and another for 75 cents. Oh and a pewter bracelet for $5.00 and a vintage doll for $1.00. By the end of it all my feet were tired, I was starving...next time I will bring snacks for me instead of just for Memphis.....and I really had to pee. Sorry but I have to pee a lot and usually can not wait. I know more info than you required but it's true. Saw a really cool old kids rocker for $20.00 and was going to talk it down but...where would I put it?? Also met some friendly folks and everyone loved our grouchy Chihuahua. We also met a really cute Chihuahua and she was sooooo friendly I think her name was Tequila...
poor thing. I am very proud of myself. I only strayed for a few moments here and there but for the most part I stayed on task. It's funny because just last night we were talking about how we need to pare down and get rid of stuff...right after we said that...I mentioned the Yardsale extravaganza we would be attending. We laughed. That's life...always recycling...it's almost constant. We also went out to lunch at Capers!!! They have the best vegetarian sandwhich ever. Cucumbers, carrots, sprouts and tomatoes on 9 grain bread....Oh it's good!!!!!!!
Memphis and I split one and she also had a blueberry muffin. We hardly ever go out to eat so it's such a treat.
Anywho it was a fantastic day and I loved it. Tomorrow is Ma's Day so HAPPY MA'S DAY TO ALL YOU MA'S OUT THERE AND TO ALL THE MA'S of beloved pets too!! I love being a Ma...it's the best. xoxo Off to do housework and then sew. Happy Happy!!! By the way if you haven't already seen Ashley G is the featured seller on Etsy right now and when I first saw it on the night of May 8th I was soooo excited for her. If you don't know who she is click over there asap and buy yourself a treat. xoxo

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