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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, July 26, 2007 in
Hansel & Gretel the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures
Dress by Uniform Studio...Martha is a genius!!!
My little artist....

Pepper the baby owl Love=Creature SOLD

Hey there out in blog land...sorry to be MIA on my own blog but Memphis was sick. The fever is now gone and the sniffles have set in. I myself have been feeling a bit wobbly. I put a few Love=Creatures in my shop....and plan to get my special orders all done this week and then put a few more in the shop this weekend. Anywho...I have to keep this short and sweet...a playdate is calling and my little one deserves to go very much...
But what will a few flickr favs hurt....

so so happy they are in their new home
another view
want this
thanks meg...xo
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