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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, July 27, 2007 in

Too cold for the wading pool...she's still sick :(
Dress is from Uniform Studio and we love it. Thanks Martha!!
I promise you will se a lot more of this dress. xo
Water color painting at RoRo's with best bud Owen
Dizzying day of playdate fun....

Ok...I am totally going list for today...

1. Maybe got 4 hours of sleep last night...Memphis woke up about every 1/2 hour the entire night. She is all stuffed up and her throat hurts...poor thing...poor Mama

2.Playdates are really fun but truth be told they wear me out.

3. Our friend Roro (Rose) is doing great as a new Mama and that little Lottie is plumping right up.

4. Thanks sososososo much Amanda for sending me that gorgeous tree fabric and super cool cards....seriously I am in awe that I own it now. I don't know how I can thank you!!! Thanks a million times. I admire your blog and your work and love to see what you are up to on your flickr!!! I will definately let you know when I make something with it and I am just so grateful!!!! :)

5. Meg, Meg, Meg....you are just too good to me. When I got that package I was like...OMG...pull out next bundle....I can't believe it...next bundle...this is for you Memphis and it's amazing...it really made our week!! The tissue cover is adorable and it is the first one I have ever owned!! The pins are so pretty!!!! All the fabric is gorgeous and especially that lady one that almost made me faint and the clothes for our cutie so ROCK!!! Thanks soooo much. I will definately post photos of what I make with the fabric and Memphis in the dress and jeans. You are super amazing. Thanks for being my bloggy pal.

6. Jen...I LOVE the print and the extras. You too are so kind to me. Thank you thank you thank you. My hubby ooooed and aaahhhed over the print and cards too!! Thanks for being my bloggy pal!! !xoxoxo

7. My sleep deprived butt had to get a move on....much to do...much to do...much to do

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