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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 in

She could be in a fashion magazine!!!
My Lunch/dinner a daily event series
Walking the vicous dog
I heart sunflowers...
I heart orange...

Fudo the Baby Owl Love Creature in my shop SOLD

So....lets see....finally I am trying to get out some of the ideas I have had in my head for sometime now. Conjoined animals....here they come...I plan on doing Jack rabbits in several sizes and I think the first one turned out super. I love it. I have stared at it all day...so...there is a small shop update...but hopefully this weekend more to come. Then I start on a few whsl orders...
Today we went and saw baby Lotte, went to the wading pool, walked the dog and did some house work. Laundry...oh and a trip to the PCC!! I am soooooooooooo tired. It was 97 degrees here today...with no air conditioning that's super hot. The wading pool was wonderful. I bought a few new dresses for me and Memphis...check them out here...and here ...and here. The 2nd one I bought is not online I guess but it is eggplant (not black) and is gorgeous!!..so amazing and what a fair price!!!. I also want to mention that I was featured on super amazing dutch design blog....http://ninainvorm.punt.nl/ THANKS Nina!!!! It was a few days ago and I can't read it but I am very grateful!!! Life is good and I am soaking up every single minute....

Flickr favs..
reminds me of my day
hello I love this
loving every aspect of this photo
I am not friends with milk so this made me laugh(lactose intolerant..severely)
So Panton....LOVE
My dog bit somebody today....:( I wish he was nicer...)
I am going to do this...can't wait
Isn't that the truth...this made me smile
we used to have an orange lamp like this...

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