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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, July 13, 2007 in
Thanks to the fabric gods....

Thanks to the mailman for bringing me beauty...:)
'The Forest Holds the Key' by Leya Williams of Curious Bird
Thanks to you Leya of Curious Bird for my Gorgeous
one of a kind Emphermera & Fabric art piece

Thank you to Leya for the extra really great cards
Thanks to the Dino gods for letting us find Charlie L the Dino for only
Thanks bath time...it always relaxes
Thanks to my sweetie for my fun dizzy ride
Thanks to the Goodwill for this fabric find...:)

Thanks to Mama for my dinner....
Thanks for a gorgeous summer day filled with
fun, errands and most of all thanks for the little love of my life!!!

First I would like to thank Leya for my GORGEOUS collage. What a wonderful surprise to get yesterday. I was having a REALLY bad day....life is really hard sometimes....Anywho...thanks Leya and I am so glad you also like your Jack Rabbit & Robin.

Woke up later than I had wanted...made beds, did dishes, fed dog, picked up home, got sweetness in the tub, did areobics, took forever getting packages ready, talked on phone with good friend Rose too long, chatted with Andrea and Ma went to post office, went to park & wading pool, made dinner, ate dinner, wasted time on internet...not really a waste...time to relax...
Now I must sew....

Flickr favs....
Love this photo...
I heart this Kitchen...
Love Royko's glassware!!! and photos
Super COOL!!!
Have always wanted one of these
Love this
want this
this should win an award
More Leya greatness....
Oh wow!!!
such a great photo
Such a great photo....and that bundle of cuteness...xo

HAPPY WEEKENDING ALL!!! May the yardsale gods shine on you and yours!!

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