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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 in
Meet Percival the Cotton Monster given to me by Natalie...she even included tissues for the first day of Kindergarten for me....so sweet. xo
I have wanted a BIG cotton monster for a long time and we arrived home from errands one day and there was the BIG package and inside was PERCIVAL...thanks Natalie
Natalie also remembered Memphis and sent her some gifts.
Check out the loot she got. Two amazing coloring books, dinos, our first ugly doll (which is on her shcool backpack everyday now) a super cool sticker and an amazing Stegosaurus from Crispina.
I still can't get over how sweet Natalie is!!!

This Dino is gorgeous and she absolutely loves it.
It was sandcastles and wading in the waves with Poppy
The Gucc was having a bit of trouble with the wind + sand equation
Here we are at the BEACH!!!

She grabbed her books and was out on the deck for some me time :)
The walk to the beach....
The Gucc not to thrilled with the water...
Oh the majestic light of the ocean...
So fun to watch...
More wave wadding
Kite flying for the first time....
We really felt like we were the only people there...
Piggy back on the night walk
An amazing sculptured tree...yep...I thought it was real too.
The world was ours for the taking
Basking in all the beach has to offer...

Hello all and once again so sorry for my lame blogging of late. Tryin to get used to my new life and have come down with the cold Jason has.

Anywho...we rec'd the package from Natalie awhile ago and I am FINALLY posting about it. Natalie is a friend/customer that found me on Etsy. She is my biggest fan and has brought much joy to our lives. Not only does she help out our fam with her purchases but she is one of the nicest people I have ever known. I am just so very, very thankful she found me. We had been running errands one day and came home to this package filled with goodies...seriously I just kept saying over and over 'I Can't believe this!!' This is just so nice!!' So it is with much affection and appreciation that I am sharing this amazing package that Natalie sent out of the kindness of her heart. Thank you so very, very much Natalie!!! You seriously ROCK!!!

I also wanted to share a bit of our mini break that we took at the end of August. We went to Long Beach and stayed at the Breakers. The drive was fun and the weather nice. We, Jason and I were not in LOVE with the Breakers but we had a mini kitchen and could walk to the beach. Unfortunately we think the Fabreze that was used in the room prior to our arrival ( we despise chemical smells and I guess it is because they make us sick) caused our gorgeous little Memphis to break out in hives. They started slowly and on the second day her poor little face had 3 giant blister hives. You can still see the red marks on her face from them. I really hope they don't leave scares. Anywho besides that little bummer we all had a blast. Poor Gucci was taken on 3 to 4 walks a day and I had to carry him a lot. He tried really, really hard but his little legs just couldn't take all that walking. Memphis was in love with the Hotel, the beach, the new kite, the cool shop. We went on a night walk each night and only ate out once. It was super duper fun and I have my amazing husband to thank. He planned it all. So...I am off to sew, sew, sew....hope everyone is having a super week. I am lonely and confused but soon will be used to all my free time. I miss her so very much but she is doing so great in Kindergarten and I am so proud....xoxo
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