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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, September 13, 2007 in
Linen closet
Kitchen cupboard
Our very old medicine cabinet...
Our messy art cupboard
Me at 1 1/2 years old...just look at those cheeks!!

I was totally inspired by Martha yesterday and what she said about subtracting and adding. Which is where the title of my post comes from. I find it absolutely fascinating and realized as I was reading it that I have been obsessed by these 2 questions ever since I can remember. I was born to be a pack rat. I LOVE to collect things. I acquire, admire and donate often. I have lists running thru my head each day. I take my living space and divide it up and go thru all the stuff I have. Do I need it? Will I use it? Why do I still have it? I have old letters from many folks. Why?
I keep clothing that I don't wear....shoes...socks... I went thru a coffee table book phase. All to do with photography. I would go to the University Book store sale tables and hunt for a bargain. We live in a small space and my life would be so much richer and fuller if I had less stuff yet I continue to hang on to too much. The energy attached to this constant battle is not helping me in life. It is not attracting good things to my life. So why can't I change? Is it the time that it takes to sort thru it? Am I self sabotoging? Why am I attracted to stuff? What makes me need some of the things I feel I need...or want? Several years in the past on New Year's Day I have announced that it will be the year of minimal Dawn. I have note cards inside my cupboards with positive affirmations and one of them is minimal Dawn will prevail. I think it is time to subtract so that I may add and I think by subtracting all that stuff that is weighing on me so heavily I will add a certain amount of freeness to my soul. I know there are more important things in life but this is something I have always struggled with. My OCD is not severe by any means but it still takes a lot of energy away from me and I am sick of it. Of course I will continue to acquire stuff but I am going to really, really try to change how I view it. I think for me if I don't use it I don't need it.
Instead of buying it I think I will try just admiring it and if and when I HAVE to have something I will only buy it if there is a spot even if that means something else must go. Just think of all the nickels and dimes I can save and how quickly that will add up. Why in no time at all my life will be just that much richer.

Oh...I am also feeling very nostalgic lately. I guess with our gorgeous girl at school all day I feel a bit lost. I always said I would never be the kind of Ma that loses her identity to her children...well too late. I don't think it is a bad thing at all but I really need to find myself again. I also have baby on the brain because I we would love to have just one more...even if we have waited a bit too long...that's just how things work out sometime. Time will tell.
Here are some more flickr favs....
I love Pods...even the word is awesome...Pods
The lighting is so yummy
The composition is delightful
This is such a gorgeous shot
I want this book...but do I NEED it?
Such an inspiration...her genius awes me...
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