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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, October 29, 2007 in

The next three are from 'A Short Step' by Fulvio Testa

These two are from'The Wonderful Tree House' by Harold Longman

The next three are from 'Gorilla by Anthony Brown

These two are from' Jack the Wolf' by Yvonne Jagtenberg she also did 'Jack's Rabbit' which we also have...

These are just a few of our favs and I didn't include any Lauren Child books but we LOVE all of those too. Especially 'That Pesky Rat'. I totally adore vintage children books and any kid's book that has amazing art work and a cool story to go with it. We are book junkies over here. Thank goodness for thrift stores...we have found some of the best there. Anywho...must go work...loads and loads to do but I couldn't resist sharing a few flickr favs....

I have actually been here and taken some photos...I will share them soooooon
I love this very much
I love all the color
Lisa is the bomb and it looks like the Rare Device opening was amazing. xo
This photo makes me smile
How awesome is this....xo
What a stunning photograph
so in love...
oh how i love this....
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