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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, November 10, 2007 in

Beautiful Camper boots that I have to return...don't fit right....:(

Bolu the Jack Rabbit for Supermaggie

Super cool swap from Amanda!!!

Some of Memphis' current favs....

Robot Lurking

Robot with makeup right before we went out for tricks or treats

Look Ma I'm a skeleton

Morning tea time

Ready for school...
Orszag for Shoporangebutton.com order

1. Working on and almost finished with Supermaggie wshl order and Orangebutton.
Supermaggie order is going to be different this time. They sent me some of their own silk screened fabric.
2. Volunteering at Memphis' school
3. Cleaning house
4. Doing a lot of resting...still have cold and sinus infection is almost gone
5. Running errands
6. Walking dog
7. Time to get sewing for Urban Craft Uprising....December 1st and 2nd...aaaaaahhhhhaaaahh
8. Big announcement to make in about a week...taking up loads of my time
9. Wishing for more space
10. Trying to buy only what I NEED
11. Bought a pair of gorgeous Camper Boots and they do not fit right at all....not very easy to return but must now find another gorgeous pair of boots....I actually feel as though I NEED those. Plus they were my 12 year anniversary present....:)
12. Loads of new ideas swimming in my head and dying to try some of them out...
13. First parent teacher conference coming up this Tuesday...school is out early every day...
14. Thinking of painting our kitchen/bathroom/ and Memphis' room
15. Grumbletoy Order is now up in their shop...check it out. xoxo
15. Must go now...too much to do.......I will try not to disappear for so long this time. xo

Some flickr favs of late.....

I am a big fan

Ok...this is very strange
super cool
I want one too
Loving these...got one for Memphis
Wow....wish I was there
I just love this photo
This is my kind of cupake
I love this

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