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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, November 12, 2007 in
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What a difference a day makes....I have had a cold on and off for a month now. I am still taking meds for my sinus infection and I am super duper fed up with having very little or no energy.
So today I am going to get so much done it will defy the constraints of time. I will become SUPER DAWN changing the world one project at a time while mothering my adorable, gorgeous Daughter who is off school for the day. The life has finally come back into me that I have been longing for!!! I guess all I needed was rest...which I admit I am not very good at doing. Anywho....Life is good again...let's hope it lasts. Funny how it is pouring down with rain today...guess it's washing away my sickness.
Now I would like to share the work of some amazing folks....I admire so many and draw inspiration from many more but here are a few I would like to share with you today.

First up is an amazing Jackalope by Girlsavage of Etsy.... I just love Jackalopes and still plan on making one but this one is so amazing. I also love the Feltidermy.

Next up is Danna Ray's work from her shop Groundwork at Etsy. I just love her work so very much and plan on purchasing something very, very soon.

Next up is Tiffa's work. She is a super nice person and I love her plush. Her shop is called
Odkins and can also be found on Etsy.
Next is the work of Industrious Lily!!! I am so deeply in LOVE with her little ceramic houses. How cool are they??? Love Love Love....I must have one soooooon. xoxo

Next is the amazing Betsy Walton's work....oh how I long to own a piece of her work. It's amazing and I just love the subtle colors and plant life. Check out her shop asap!!!
I just found the work of Nicole and I bought our girl a doll that she is going to flip for. I love X-mas shopping on Etsy. Nicole's shop is called Astulabee...I also adore her bunnies. Plus she is super nice and very talented. xoxo

Anywho people...just wanted to share the love!! Happy Monday and hopefully you will have as great of a day as we will. xoxoxo
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