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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 in

All the above fabrics were sent to me by Jesse of Art School Dropout.
I am just so very, very grateful. I almost fainted when I opened the box!!!

WIP...Liebe Monster #2

I live in these boots these days....

Look at how low....ouch

I just wanted to take a second to first of all say hello!!!! I want snow....I absolutely loved Meg's post about her pranking neighbors...I am still laughing.... I also adored Jen's Etsy Treasury!! What great finds. I have yet to be able to make a treasury....it's always full when I try...so confusing for me...also digging Martha's gift from her son and the story about her Dad. I never had a Dad like that...far from it...just discovered this blog...it's great!!! Really want these Gnomies...Loving these Pixies....Loving the tattooed men....want one REALLY BADLY!!! Mimi's work is amazing I have always admired it but those tattooed men are to die for!!! This one is my all time FAV!!!! Just look at that beard!!!! I might have to break down and get me one....also NEED this print so very, very badly by Mati.....also just discovered this blog!!! Wow!!!! Anne Blacks place and the post called White and Birch Trees...I was left without any air at all after viewing them both.....wow!!!! Just a few things I have been checking out....

Now I would like to thank Jesse of Art School Drop out for sending me all the beautiful, amazing fabric!!! Seriously...I am in awe. Please check out her shop and her Flickr...I just can't thank you enough Jesse!!! xoxoxoxxo Our little fam thanks you too. :)

Anywho...I am super duper tired. Not sleeping well at all....can't get comfortable. Hope everyone is having a super Wednesday...'Project Runway' tonight...yep I live for it these days....
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