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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 in
Tova the Tweet Tweet Bird...sold

Our little artist at work....

Found on the side of a building today...

A sweetie cooking up some sweets

Gota & Gogo the Liebe Monster Love=Creatures...both spoken for
Hex the Owl...sold

Urrie the Liebe Monster Love=Creature...one of my all time favs...sold

This is going to be quick....had pregnancy depression yesterday...the kind that sets in from nowhere, hits you hard and leaves you crying and crying...ok today...in fact better than ok....super!! Ran errands yesterday and bought the boy some shoes...too cute had to have them...
you can see them here....anywho after all my errands I came home got some stuff done and after I picked up Memphis the Depression hit....after she fell asleep I was on the verge of tears and when in bed the tears came pouring out. All I can say is hormones....and maybe a bit of stress...anywho..today was much better! Went and got some photo paper, came home walked the dog...did some housework...picked up Memphis and no more depression!!! OH and our good friends Ken and Rose bought us our stroller!!!!!!!!! I was like...OMG!!! I don't know how to thank them and I am just soooo excited to have it. It's the Cadillac of strollers!!!! Seriously!!!!I am pinching myself as we speak....WOW!!!! So...today was a much better day and even if I feel like a stressed out human blob...we have our stroller!!!! Our boy will ride in style and Memphis loves it. She can't wait to push him in it. She's so excited!!! So...happy almost Wednesday!!!

Few flickr favs....
I love Las Vegas...for two days...
so pretty
so tiny
cool shot
super cool
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