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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, February 10, 2008 in
A BIG thanks to all of you that have purchased a Love=Creature or commented on my blog or flickr!! I appreciate ALL of you very, very much. xoxo

My very own Creation from Dolls for Friends!!!
We LOVE him very much and he now has a forever home with us.
Memphis is still deciding what to name him. xoxo
Gucci forever on the alert...

Her dinos are busy flying around Dino land

Super cute thrifted book!!!

Love my new tote!!!

Super duper cute thrifted book !!

First I would like to thank any and all of you that have purchased a Love=Creature and/or have made a wonderful comment on my blog and/or flickr!! Thanks so very, very much. It means the world to me to feel like my creations make people happy. Taking a break from whsl has been nice too because unfortunately I am super duper tired now and not that comfortable. At our last ultrasound we found out that our boy is in the 90% for size and they want to do another ultrasound in 5 weeks to try and help plan out the birth...obviously they are worried about his size and mine. AAAAAHHHHHHH

Next I would like to Jill from Dollsforfriends for asking me to trade with her. We love our creation and are thrilled to give him a forever home!!! Super fun and I would love to stay in touch!!! Nice to make new bloggy friends!!:)Thanks Jill!! Check out one of my favs here.... Buy your very own Dollsforfriends here....

Next I would like to participate in the 'You Make my Day Award' and would like to thank...
Danica of Slow Progress for nominating me ....I LOVE her blog and flickr!! She is amazing!!
I would also like to thanks Jhoanna for nominating me as well...she is an amazing plush artist and we have been blogging buddies for awhile now...thanks you guys and now I would like to nominate my 22 for the'You Make my Day Award' sorry I couldn't pick just 10 and believe me it was hard to pick 22...so if you were not mentioned by me...it does not mean you don't inspire me. Thanks to all of the craft community in bloggy/flickr land!!! You are the BEST group of people I have ever known!!! :)

1. Danica of Slow Progress...as mentioned above I adore her and her creative process. She has amazing taste and super fab links!!! Thanks Danica!!

2. Jhoanna of One Red Robin...an amazing person and plush artist!!! Blogging buddies for awhile now. Her posts always make me smile!!!:)

3. Ashley G of Kitty Genius...she always makes me laugh, I love her work and she was one of my first Etsy friends...thanks Ashley :)

4. Lisa Congdon of Lisa Congdon Art+Craft...she is an inspiration to me and I feel lucky to have her as my blogging friend. I want to steal her new doggie Wilfredo! Thanks Lisa :)

5. Meg of Pixiegenne she too makes me laugh, I love her links, she is a super Ma and she makes some super amazing art!!!! She is also my special bloggy pal!!! Thanks Meg!

6. Martha from Uniform studio!!! She is a brilliant genius! I admire her minimal style and long to be more like her. She has super links and I love her posts. Very insightful. Thanks Martha :)

7. Janne from What's My Blogging View is an amazing woman. She has super cool posts, loads of great links and is an amazing artist! Thanks so much Janne :)

8. Elisabeth from Fine Little Day...she has amazing style, gorgeous pad, super links and I love her posts...thanks Elisabeth...:)

9.Erin from House on Hill Road...super person, super talented and I really enjoy her blog!!! Thanks Erin :)

10. Jenn from Swallowfield is a super sweet person, has wonderful posts all the time and I adore her art...own approx 6 pieces now I think...Thanks so much Jen :)

11. Victoria from sfgirlbybay...her blog is loaded with amazing links, she has super taste and I love her blog very much....thanks Victoria :)

12. Kirsten from assemblage...what a gorgeous blog, super creative mind and her posts are always so amazing....thanks Kirsten!!!

13. Andrea from Hula Seventy....super creative person, I LOVE photo booths, her posts are always amazing....thanks Andrea!!!

14.Kristina from Karkovski...I LOVE her blog her taste and we have been blogging/flickr friends for awhile now...she is truly an amazing person and I thank you Kristina....xo

15.Leya from Curious Bird...what a wonderful blog she has, super creative, wonderful art and I just really love her blog...thanks Leya...:)

16.Holly of Decor8 has an amazing blog and man what alot of work she puts into it. Thanks so much for all the amazing info and links....Thanks Holly :)

17. Irene of Bloesem...another truly amazing blog that always inspires me so very much. Thanks so much Irene. :)

18.Ambika from Into the Fray...super cool blog...super nice person...always makes me smile...thanks Ambika!!!

19.Kelly from Hoping for Happy Accidents....wow...what a gorgeous blog...thanks so much for the inspiration Kelly....:)

20.Jen from My Polaroid Blog...just found her and I LOVE her blog...I LOVE polaroids and have a collection of my own....Thanks Jen...xoxo

21....Stephanie Congdon Barnes of course inspires us all....I love her work, family, blog(s) photos, home and well just her...thanks from all of us Stephanie you are amazing. !!!!

22. Steph DosReis of A little Deer...is super talented and a bloggy friend of mine as well....she's just the best...thanks Steph!!! She too was one of my first Etsy pals...:)
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