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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, February 9, 2008 in
My little lovie...

Steph DosReis is a blogging/flickr/Etsy friend of mine. About a million years ago (or so it feels like) we found each other on Etsy and we did a trade. I have two gorgeous pieces of art work of hers...pictured above and of course the amazing Neighborhood painting she so generously sent to us. It lives in Memphis' room and we cherish it very much!!!Anywho...this week a wonderful package arrived from her and I am still gasping. I love it all and I can not believe she also sent us some baby boy clothing!!! AMAZING!! I feel super duper duper honored and can't wait to cut into that gorgeous fabric. The tree fabric she sent will be made into a conjoined Jack Rabbit for her and I can't wait to send that off!!! Also she has her own line of cardstock/paper products...check it out here!!
Anywho....she is amazing and her family is so adorable. Thanks sosososo very very much Steph I really truly appreciate it and I will get working on your Jack asap....xoxoxoxo

Some of Steph's work from flickr
LOVE this
her amazing houses
how cool is this!!!
Amazing blocks!!!
Cool cards
Love this cool sewn guys..
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