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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, May 17, 2008 in

Blackeyedsuzie.etsy.com....if I could afford it...it would be mine

Bellaserababy.etsy.com...I have bought a few things from this shop :)

Love all the plush over at makeitawesome.etsy.com

if money were no object...terrygraziano.etsy.com
Of all the finds I WANT this one so BAD!!! Oh how I love it so!!!

So there you have it...a bunch of stuff I covet but alas cannot afford. One day, one day...I will go on Etsy and buy whatever I want without any reason at all and I venture to guess that a lot of it would be gifts for others...I LOVE ETSY!!! (I do feel all the prices for the pieces I covet above are very fair...just can't swing it right now. )
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