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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, May 17, 2008 in

This is Lauren of LaurenSmash.etsy.com and these are her creations and her photos...she rocks and you should check out her work if you have not already!

Love this little gal...the cape is too cute!!!

Adore her butterflies...so cute
Always love robots...

Hi...today I am doing a posting about Lauren of Lauren Smash Toys...she is such a sweet person and from what I can see by reading her blog lately she is not doing so super. So since my blog is dedicated to Plush and people that make plush I thought it would be a super idea to mention her. I love her work and she is also one of my Flickr friends. So Lauren...I truly hope that you are doing better and that you continue to create amazing plush...you rock and loads of folks love ya. xoxoxo :) Thanks for being my friend and for always saying such wonderful things about me, my work and my fam. You seriously deserve to be happy and I hope you soon are :). Oh and by the way LOVE the new haircut. :)

I leave you with a few flickr favs
Love this photo and our son sleeps the same way
I really like this
serious shoe love
Martha is truly a genius
super cute
I want one of these
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