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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, September 4, 2008 in
Bjorn & Borg the Conjoined Monster Love=Creatures for Plush You 2008...these guys are my all time favs of all the Plush I have ever made. I just adore them and being the Tennis Freak that I am...it's funny that the Us Open is here as they make their debut!

Heywood & Wakefield the Conjoined monster Love=Creatures for Plush You 2008

Herman & Miller the Conjoined Monster Love=Creatures for Plush You 2008

Oh how we all love Dalhias!!!

First day of school was so fantastic!!! She is amazing!

Soren's first swing at the park! He loves his sister :)

Week in review... first day of school...party preparations for Friendly Monster Party inspired by my monsters but mostly inspired by Cotton Monster collection made by Jennifer Strunge...Greenlake outing on day before first day of school...lunch box shopping...the hunt for the perfect Mary Jane...Plush You Pieces make their debut...much US OPEN to watch...too bad Safin is out...new Project Runway...laundry to do and laundry done...working on Super Maggie order...trying to sew as much as I can but life is getting in the way...love Memphis' new teacher but really missing her old one...time to fill without her...once again depressed but will adjust...needing to sleep more...Lisa Congdon's blog is leaving........birthday gifts to wrap...so busy...and it gorgeous outside....must run for now but happy happy Thursday...hope the day finds you well and really enjoying yourself :)
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