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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, August 22, 2008 in

All the above Monsters are by Super Ninon..Tania is amazingly talented She calls them Les Montris

From Fricdementol.Etsy.com

So...another day and I am still in the downie dumps. We took our car in today to the insurance adjuster so they could take a look at our broken side mirror...of course on the driver's side. We went out to our car Saturday and it was hanging by the wires....bummer. Turns out the deductible is higher than the cost to fix it...of course it is. Oh well...at least it was just the mirror.
This weekend is filled with plans and I actually get the day off Sunday to sew sew sew...the fam is going to visit the in-laws and Jason's Dad will help him fix the car. He used to be a mechanic and we are very very grateful for him. Anywho...enjoy your weekend...hopefully by Monday my spirits will be lifted and it will be a brand new day...:)

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