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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, October 26, 2008 in

Okay....so this is a bit late...sorry... but we rec'd a package from the amazing Heidi Kenney and I just about fell over backwards when I opened it up. It was full of AMAZING treasures and there was something for everyone. She sent me fabric, an amazing Tree lady print, a cool apple cutting board, some of her fabric, a goodie bag for Memphis with a cool bird hanging curtain and crafty stuff, a super cute book, a cool vintage Gingerbread Napkin with the story inside a toy for Soren...that is vintage and so great, a super cute card and the pin and Gnome puppets I ordered. Plus she wrapped it all in my favorite wrapping paper that I didn't buy and wish I would have....the next time you are in Seattle Heidi...we HAVE to go out. I seriously can't believe that package. How amazingly thoughtful all the while she continues to build her Plush Empire. Seriously...she gets so much done I am jealous all the time. Thanks sosososososo much Heidi!!!!
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