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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, October 18, 2008 in

They have to count and classify things for math...so she took out all her crayons and lined them up and counted them. There were 3oo and something when she was all done.

New vans...$13.00 and coloring in by Memphis

Why Hello

Last Sunday we had to paint the bottom of the small closet with Kilz. There is a small leak and eventually the valves have to be replaced but that involves jack hammering and a big mess. So for now containment is the answer.

Went to Plush You October 10th. Took a lot of photos but did not recharge my battery before hand. So camera died and missed out on photographing a lot of folks. So...I am sorry. I still plan on popping by but who knows. The show was amazing. I got to meet a bunch of folks and I helped to hang the show again which is always fun. Thanks again Kristen for all you do and for just being you. I seriously heart you. Oh and she is putting up the pieces still available on her Schmancy site so check it out. She will do it a little at a time.

Ran many, many errands this week.
Went on many dog walks.
Sewed some on Supermaggie order....I know but life is so hectic with Soren and what can I say?
Got some SERIOUSLY amazing mail love which I plan on finally sharing this week.
Went to a ladies movie night at a friends, one that is in my bookclub but I have know her since school. It was so nice to hang with the ladies and watch 'Sex In the City' again. I love it. Unfortunately I was chatting it up after the movie and they asked me how socializing at Memphis' school was going and I am afraid I had a slip. I let it be known that sometimes the vast financial differences bummed me out. Se La Vi...I am me and that's all I am. Sometimes I slip. I really hate it though. I would rather bottle it up and not expose so much...but that's just not me.
My friend Anna was so nice about it though and she did make me feel better. It's just living in a small space that I do not own is not easy to do all the time. I am very proud of my family and myself but apparently some therapy would really help with a few things. Oh well, we all have our baggage right? That is what makes us real.
Anywho during the movie every time they showed Brady, Amanda's son, I got all choked up....because I have a son now. A beautiful little boy that will soon grow up to be a bigger boy and he is going to be so damn cute...well he already is...but I mean like a boy person. Right now he is still my little baby... but not long from now he will be walking and running about telling me things and I seriously couldn't be more filled with joy about it all. Not only do we have the world's most amazing daughter but we have a son now. We are in fact a proper family and sometimes while I am getting caught up in the dishes, vacuuming, laundry, errands, driving, diapering, feedings, meals I forget just how amazing that is. Jason and I have a proper family and we are the heads of the household. When did I become a grown up? How did it happen so fast? So...I have decided that slowing down would be good. Taking more time to breathe, relax and enjoy. Money is a form of success but if you are not careful while you are working away for the all mighty dollar your life just might speed right past you. So what if we live in a teeny tiny space and are tightly knit. So what if we don't have the latest greatest. Who cares if our auto is not tip top or we can't fly off to here or there on a whim. We have each other and that is a lot.
Happy Weekending.
It's the pumpkin patch for us next.
What was that about slowing down????
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