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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 in

After many years of thinking about making and wanting to make I have finally made a doll. I love how it turned out. I wanted one that was modern, two dimensional, serious, hair sewn, big red lips, and at least two fabrics and here she is... I love how she turned out. Anywho...way more to share...loads of X-mas love and some more ideas....stressed a bit about the new laws starting in February that will be horrible for handmade toys...my stuff is bought by a lot of collectors though so I could just call it something else but handmade toys are amazing and I don't want this to hurt so many artists/crafters/toy makers...I have read about it all over the web and hopefully they will amend the new laws so Handmade toys will still be possible. Check it a out here.....it totally stresses me out so I am going to do my part and try to help out. Anywho...must go rest/sew.....more to share later. xoxo
Happy New Year to ALL!!!
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