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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, February 27, 2009 in

They are growing soooooo fast....

Fun on Valentine's day...

Soren and Mama at home

A chair I really wanted

Downtown...just the two of us...had dinner...shopped for things we needed...of course bought stuff for the kids too....

For kid's trading card swap

Visit to Jason's folks...bubble with cousin

Super cute thrift find...I am in love
More Lovely dolls.....

Edith and Orla (she was for Memphis for Valentine's day)

current favorite toys....

Okay...so where have I been???? Well...I have been busy with life and oh so tired. Can't seem to get enough sleep and it's starting to really show. When the kids go to bed I sew and do other things that are productive but this week I have only managed a little sewing...too tired.
I am not sure if it's the baby boy...the weather...or just life but I can't seem to catch my breath.
Last weekend we went out on a belated Valentine's date...we had dinner and went shopping. It seems all my tops have decided to start to fade at once. So we went to Macy's and Old Navy and I found a few but I am still on the look out. We also bought stuff for the kids of course. Soren is growing out of everything and I found the cutest pair of jeans for Memphis for $6.00 at Old Navy. They have painted rainbows on the butt. How cool is that...rainbow butt? I have been lost in doll land and would love to stay there but Easter is coming and I feel it is time for the return of the Jacks...I love Jack Rabbits and they are super fun to make too. I also have a few new ideas I hope to get to this spring. I really, really really want to make a quilt this year...we'll see.
I have been window shopping on Etsy and I would love to share a few finds with you in a later post. Been feeling a bit isolated of late. It's that Stay at home care giver thing that happens every once in awhile. You just feel very alone and out of touch. You kind of get a bit depressed and down on yourself but then the weather gets nicer, you get out more and things get better. I am just not good at real life networking. I want to join stuff and be with other mothers but never seem to find a way. I mean I am just super by myself but it sure would be nice to have a better support system. Oh well...I have always been a bit of a renegade and so far we are actually doing really good....Soren and I have fun and get around a lot. I am thankful for Gucci, he makes us get out and walk even when we don't feel like going. Anywho...hope everyone had a wonderful February......xoxo
current Flickr favs
I love this photo
I wish I could hang out with Tania
if only I could have Martha's house...
We need one of these
so sweet
Soren needs this hat
I want to go to there
omg omg omg omg
I really really really want this
so cute
so gorgeous
did I ever mention that I love green?
this really makes me smile
this is taken out of my dreams...I swear
I want this in a frame
I have been wanting to make a lion for a LONG time...I love this guy
and this guy
this is crazy amazing
i love love love this
i heart feathers
want want want
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